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tactical pen, in review

One of the things that has always irked me about “tactical pens” is that they seem to revel in living up to their moniker, what with specifically-designed and -identified “DNA Catchers“, enough points to be a scoreboard at a soccer game, and a general appearance that, to me, at least, screams “something other than a pen”.

Enter the odd little company CountryComm and their Stainless Embassy Elite Pen. Machined out of 300 series stainless steel, and employing a Fisher pressurized refill (w00t for space pens!), this writing implement completely lacks the characteristic points, crenelations, and whatnot else… at least apart from the writing tip itself. However, it is solid stainless steel, and weighs in somewhere around 3.8 ounces (about as much as a roll of dimes) – to say this thing feels hefty would be putting it mildly, which is probably just as well for me, given my history of unintentionally breaking things.

Granted, this pen costs twice as much as its well-reviewed aluminum brethren, weighs over double, and uses not-inexpensive refills (speaking of, are there alternatives to Fisher-brand refills?); but it writes well, I like the heft of it, it fits in your hand like it should, and it does all this without blatantly looking like an “offensive weapon“. Works for me.

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  • Man… I need that pen.

    I am obsessed with the original space pen, and carry one every day. I am actually more obsessed with the way it writes though than anything, so the fact that this takes the same ink cartridge just sold me.

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  • […] looks at the CountryComm Stainless Embassy Elite Pen. I love my S&W TacPens. And they make great […]

  • Heh, you and me both – I always wanted one as a kid (’cause, y’know, it was a space pen, used by real, live astronauts), but then forgot about them as I got older.

    Once I saw that CountryComm used Fisher refills in these, though, that was pretty much it :).

    Still, you know the story of how the Ruskies solved the ‘space pen’ problem, right?

  • @Linoge – haha yea the pencil.

    I emailed CountryComm last night about paying outside of paypal, and I reference your post. I talked to him on the phone today and he mentioned that he checked out your site and liked the post. I just don’t know if I should order 1 or 2 now.

  • Good man :).

    And good to hear that I was able to generate up a little business for them. Seems to be a solid (in every definition of that word) product, and the company was actually quite helpful with my order – I needed it by today, and dropped them a note telling them as such, and they had it in the mail the same day I ordered it. Cannot knock that kind of service.

    Where is the question? When in doubt, buy two! 😉

  • NICE write up. The thing I don’t like about the majority of the tactical pens out there is that they are over done and most of them pronounce their manufacturer on the clip.

  • I, too, prefer the simplicity and lack of billboarding on this particular model (as you might have figured)… a slightly more distinct point without having to remove the cap is about the only suggestion I have, but even as it is, the darned thing would hurt if employed properly.

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