there are fixations, and then there is this

Do you want to know what the difference is between pro-rights activists and anti-rights nuts?

Folks on my side of the fence are concerned with defending, protecting, and preserving individual civil rights for all people, regardless of the rights involved, or the skin tone, economic situation, education level, location of residence, or political leanings of the person in question.

The other side, however, appear to be significantly more interested in the size of the pro-rights activists’ penises, while simultaneously disdaining and demeaning one of the most basic human rights out there.

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine the meanings implied in that difference.

However, I must wholeheartedly second this suggestion from Hank Archer in Joe’s comments, inspired by AlanR‘s comments:

I recommend that this be called “Markley’s Law.”

That has to be some kind of variant of Godwin’s Law:
As an online discussion of gun owners’ rights grows longer, the probability of an ad hominem attack involving penis size approaches 1.


9 thoughts on “there are fixations, and then there is this”

  1. @John Hardin – Perfect, and quite accurate.

    @Joe Huffman – It is my understanding that Godwin’s Law was so named in honor of the first individual who put fingers to keyboard to record its existance for all posterity… That said, I am not sure if anyone had provided such a perfect example of it as Markley has for this particular law. In light of his stellar performance, and his outstanding personification of the effect in play, I agree with John, and we should give him the credit he is due.

    Of course, you can always describe it as, “Markley’s Law, first discovered by Hank Archer…”

    At any rate, I am half tempted to drop Mr. Markley a note to inform him of his impending infamousness, but given that the email address to reach him is “[email protected]”, he might actually take it as a compliment.

    @Weer’d Beard – Y’know, Weer’d, I am at something of a loss for words… 😉

  2. You know, it worries me that a bunch of people who want me disarmed constantly think about my genitals. Gives me that whole “you gonna get raped” set of willies.

  3. @John Hardin – Looks like we might have misdirected the naming a little. AlanR was the first one to vocalize it, Mr. Archer named it :).

    @Dixie – Really, if they just wanted to come out of the closet, there are infinitely better ways than looking to render us defenseless us by way of force-of-law, while focusing on our nether regions… I mean, I know some guys like being on top, but I agree – this is pushing it a bit.

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