“Your failed attempts at intelletcualism are laughable and no rifle in the world can make up for your erectile disfunction.”
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if the world were an honest place

Today’s quote of the day comes from pdb by way of this comment he left at Marko’s place:

Every time the uplifters try to pass another behavior modification law, I want them to swear on the Bible that it’s worth shooting a guy in the face over.

And that is the God’s honest truth… every time someone says “there ought to be a law”, they are, in fact, saying, “I believe that someone should shoot you, on my behalf, if you do not do as I desire”. In some cases, that kind of response is appropriate – murder is one of those things that cannot be tolerated in any circumstance. But in the cases of laws pertaining to not-really-crimes like placing coins in your ears? That is sheer idiocy.

Yes, I know some people will object that some of the punishments for those specious crimes consist of nothing more than fines, short-term incarcerations, or other limited responses. But what happens if those not-really-criminals object to the punishments? What happens if those not-really-criminals resist being taken off to jail for not-really-crimes?

Force. The agents of the government will use force to ensure their employer’s control over the populace, and if that force is resisted, it will simply be escalated.

All governmental legislation, laws, regulations, limitations, fees, and fines are backed up by the barrel of a gun. Some of us never forget that. Some of us never learned that, and it seems to me that we are going to have to change that if we are ever going to get anywhere.

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