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by Norman Thomas


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friends and enemies

Yesterday, I wrote about a particularly eggregious example of anti-open-carry bigotry, coming from within the ranks of firearm owners ourselves. I think I did a fairly decent job showing how the arguments put forward by that particular anti-open-carry individual surprisingly and disappointingly mirrored the fallacious, specious, and entirely-emotion-based arguments fielded by anti-firearms-in-general individuals.
What I did not do was describe my reaction to those arguments. To begin with, I was disappointed that this individual, invariably lumped together with other gun-owning Americans as the Brady Bunch indiscriminantly uses nearly the exact same arguments against the entire demographic, would then turn around and employ the same exact tactics. One would think that a victim of those fallacious screeds would know better than to utilize them himself.
Next, I was frustrated that this individual honestly seemed to believe that, “I do not like it, so you should not do it,” was a valid argument, worthy of merit, belief, and weight. It is not.
Finally, I was disgusted… yes, disgusted, because that individual, writing on a supposedly pro-firearm Tennessee forum, is not as far removed from this individual as he might think:

There’s a legal and very practical way to deal with open carry gun advocates that will get rid of some bad genes in CA. Tell the open carry gun advocates you dare them to come to your house with their guns. If they are stupid enough to come into your house with their guns get your loaded gun out and blow them away. Not a court in CA will convict you of any crime. This falls under the use of force (lethal) laws in CA. Whether the gun carrier guns are loaded or not you cannot tell and you have the lethal legal right to protect yourself here. This would be a good way to get rid of these mentally challenged people and will contribute to making the gene pool better in CA. Most of these gun carry advocates are already pretty close to getting a 1st place Darwin award. Help make sure that they do get it.

Just so everyone is clear, this individual, who writes under the psuedonym of “rectifier”, is advocating the premediated, cold-blooded murder of American citizens, with malice aforethought, after first laying in wait for those citizens, and enticing them into a trap. Additionally, he is potentially conspiring with other like-minded folks to perpetuate this entrap-and-murder scheme. Why? Because those American citizens dare to exercise their Constitutionally-protected rights. (Those looking to follow the above link will probably be unsurprised that the San Francisco Chronicle decided to pull “rectifier”‘s comment – somehow, proposing and supporting the murder of law-abiding citizens actually violates the SFGate’s user agreement. Go figure.)
To be certain, the forum member from yesterday was only using specious emotional arguments in order to try and limit your lawfully carrying a firearm, while “rectifier” is advocating cold-blooded, premeditated murder, but in the end, they are both seeking to accomplish the same thing: control over your life, and limiting your rights.
The only difference is the extent to which they are willing to go to achieve their goals.
So while certain individuals are actively and maliciously plotting how to entrap and murder people simply for exercising their rights, those of us who would dare to exercise our rights also have to be mindful of supposed-allies looking for any chance to stab us in the back, using the same tactics that the anti-rights advocates use against firearm owners in general. So, yes, “disgust” is an appropriate word to describe some of the feelings I have towards the forum member I wrote about yesterday.
Make no mistake – if you do not want to open carry, I am not going to force you to, or even encourage you to. If you do not want to carry at all, I am not going to force you to – though if you do not mind and are so willing, I would like to chat with you about that decision. If you have specific, factual, realistic concerns regarding open carry, complete with studies and/or historical examples and/or statistics to support those concerns, feel free to express them – Lord knows sharing information is almost invariably a good thing. But if the best you can bring to the table is baseless predictions of doom and gloom, emotional pleas, and “I do not like it”, I will kindly invite you to piss right the frak off, and let the adults speak – you sound just like those wankers who foresaw the end of the world due to letting women vote.
With enemies like “rectifier” there, we sure as hell do not need friends you
(Courtesy of Joe Huffman.)

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