“If I’m morally justified to shoot someone over a million dollars of my property, I am justified to shoot them over ten dollars. If I am not justified to shoot them over ten bucks, I’m not justified to shoot them over a million. That’s the only consistent and non-arbitrary application of that moral principle. Any other interpretation puts a dollar value on your existence, and your right to live your life as your own master.”
by Marko Kloos


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stirring the fryer

In addition to doing my best to piss off anti-rights advocates and liberals in general (but I repeat myself), I occasionally do some dabbling in the kitchen as well. After a year or so of experimentation, I seem to have found a stir fry sauce recipe that we both enjoy and appreciate – feel free to steal/modify as you so desire:

1/8 cup black sesame oil
1/8 cup rice vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp black pepper sauce (we use Trader Joe’s)
1 tbsp dried ginger
1 tbsp dried garlic
2 tsp wasabi oil

Mix/blend thoroughly, pour over 1-2 pounds of raw chicken in a wok or suitably-sized pan, cook chicken until done, add 1-2 pounds of vegetables, add additional soy sauce to taste/consistency requirements, serve over noodles/rice.

Obviously the recipe would be drastically improved by the introduction of fresh ginger and garlic, but it works well enough as-is, and does not require us to keep refrigerated goods that we may not use before they go bad. However, I will offer a word of warning: I am not sure if it is the black pepper sauce or the wasabi oil, but if you start the cooking process with a cover on your wok, be very careful when first removing the lid – I well and truly maced myself by catching a face full of steam, and whatever was riding in it. Good times.

3 comments to stirring the fryer

  • get a bunch of ginger that’s very fresh and has a light tan skin (so you are ok with not peeling it off) or peel a chunk of ginger. Grate, mince or chop finely as desired. Put it in a clean glass jar and cover with good quality sherry. Store in fridge.
    Not only does it last forever, but you can also use the sherry juice as “ginger extract”.

  • I’ll have to keep an eye out for “black pepper sauce”, I’ve never seen it before, otherwise looks tasty.
    (now to heat up some ramen)

  • Huh. Sherry. I honestly never would have thought of that. We will have to give that a shot eventually.
    The black pepper sauce really is not that bad, but I strongly encourage mixing it with othre sauces – it tends to be somewhat… potent… on its own. As in barely edible.