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Restaurant carry lawsuit ruling: We lose

TN 39-17-1305(c)(3) is unconstitutional because it violates the due process clause.
Basically, Bonnyman ruled that its unreasonable to assume that the restaurant you’re in serves meals 5 days a week, and its unreasonable to require you to ask if they do.
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4 comments to Restaurant carry lawsuit ruling: We lose

  • So, anyone know the proper procedure to remove a sitting chancery court judge? this ruling is idiotic on its face. If the establishment does not meet the legal rules for serving alcohol, then it’s their liability, not mine if I carry there. They are holding themselves out as a restaurant. They have to ensure that they are operating within the law.

  • oddball79

    So… it’s confusing ’cause the person carrying is supposed to know if the establishment is properly complying with its liquor license?

  • check your common sense at the door

    I admit that I have not had a chance to read the entire idiotic ruling from Chancellor Bonnyman, but this is an interesting take on the situation, from someone who has more experience in the process than I do (and…

  • Mike

    Most of the anti-gun posting ignores the facts, because the facts do not support their views. If guns, especially hand guns are banned, the only people with guns will be criminals and the government. Criminals don’t get permits and they don’t care about the law – what part of criminal don’t you get! The latest FBI’s annual crime report issued in September 2009 reveals that since 1991 this nation’s crime rate has dropped by 40% to a 35 year low and the murder rate has dropped 45% to a 43 year low. During that same time period the number of privately owned guns rose the 80 million and is now close 300 million. The correlation is simple – MORE PRIVATE GUNS, LESS CRIME! Check ANY and EVERY country, county, state or local where guns are banned or severely limited and you WILL find that crime has increased dramatically. THESE ARE THE FACTS! This goofball Randy Rayburn says of concealed carry holders, “We will have vigilantes shoot up bars all over”, what the childish statement to make. More guns mean less crime not the other way around. I guess when you have NO facts on your side you either sound like an idiot or a child, or maybe he is just another elite wanting to control everybody else. Whatever he is he will have none of my business – ever!