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fire with fire

Three days later, no response. Granted, they might be busy, but the database is still up and operational… just partially hidden behind pretty graphs and text. Time to level the playing field a little.
This information has undoubtedly been reposted elsewhere, but below is a list of the staff at Commercial Appeal. Using simply their first and last names, city, and zip code (i.e. the same data available on their handgun carry permit database), you can procure the additional data from a variety of online, public, free sources, with minimal effort. I repeat, all of this information is from legal, publicly available sources, and, furthermore, I will delete it all from my webpage once they take down the Commercial Appeal‘s handgun carry permit database. Turnabout is fair play:

Joseph Pepe, President and Publisher
3195 Wetherby Cv S
Germantown, TN 38139

Home Property Tax Information

Steve Tomb, VP of Operations
1846 Wildcreek Cv
Collierville, TN 38017

Phone Unpublished
Home Property Tax Information

Chris Peck, Editor
21 Belleair Dr
Memphis, TN 38104

Home Property Tax Information

Otis Sanford, Editor/Opinion & Editorials
3396 Park Ave
Memphis, TN 38111

Phone Unpublished
Home Property Tax Information

Eric Janssen, VP of Digital Media
8996 Stratfield Cv
Germantown, TN 38139

901-358-7007, Home
901-212-3597, Cell
Home Property Tax Information

Scott Sines, Managing Editor
2136 Wentworth Ln
Germantown, TN 38139

Phone Unpublished
Home Property Tax Information

Daniel Moehle, VP/Chief Financial Officer
3172 Devonshire Way
Germantown, TN 38139

Home Property Tax Information

Karl Wurzbach, VP of Sales and Marketing
3098 Bentwood Run Dr
Collierville, TN 38017

Phone Unpublished
Home Property Tax Information

Robert Jiranek, VP of New Business Development
175 Waring Rd
Memphis, TN 38117

Home Property Tax Information

Bob Pinarski, Advertising Director
3961 Herons Landing Ln
Arlington, TN 38002

Home Property Tax Information

Denise Holman, Manager of Classified Advertising
720 Litty Ct 103
Memphis, TN 38103

Phone Unpublished
Home Property Tax Information

Paul Jewell, Marketing Director
1439 Vance Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

Home Property Tax Information

Part of me honestly hates doing this. But the larger part of me realizes that the staff of the Communist… er… Commercial Appeal are just trying to rationalize, explaion, and qualify their current invasion of Tennessee citizens’ privacy, and it is more than high time for these folks to find out how that shoe fits them. This sentiment was only strengthened after seeing Chris Peck’s idiotic comments:

“The level of uninformed response has been disappointing,” Peck said. “It really defies logic that people say this makes their homes vulnerable to targeting by gun thieves, because first of all, most houses in our community have guns in them that don’t require any registration and thus are not on a public database, and most people in our community don’t have gun-carry permits.

“You have to ask whether somebody who wants a gun would target someone who has a gun and is trained to use it.”

So I guess anyone who has the audacity to disagree with you is “uninformed”, huh? Righto. Way to improve your readership numbers there, jackass. Furthermore, the entire rest of your comments are absolutely and undeniably moronic, and, unlike you, I am going to back up that claim.
First off, it would be interesting to see if you have statistics concerning the firearm ownership numbers in Tennessee, and whether or not your claim of “most houses in our community have guns in them” actually manages to hold water. However, I will be gracious and grant you that point. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a criminal looking to steal a gun – will you go through the trouble of breaking into and searching a house that just might have a firearm in it, or would you instead break into the house down the street that you know has a firearm in it, thanks to your generous database? Furthermore, what does the number of people in a community with handgun carry permits have to do with you invading those people’s privacy, exposing them to possible home invasions and robberies, and helping criminals target them? Or does their small numbers somehow make what you did less wrong? Comforting thought, that.
On a more personal note, what of those people who secured their firearms and their carry permits due to honest threats on their lives? What of the ex-wives/husbands who have protection orders out against their abusive, dangerous ex-husbands/wives, and who understand that a little slip of paper is not going to stop the maniac from hurting/injuring/killing them? What about people who moved to escape an abusive relationship, and now you gave their abusers all the information they would need to find them again? It sickens me that you would intentionally violate these people’s privacy and safety, and not only have no remorse about it, but be disgustingly proud of doing it.
As for your last comment, you would have to be an idiot to say something that outright stupid. Neither firearms nor training are magical shields that somehow protect handgun carry permit holders from crime, or allow those permit holders to beat back criminals with their pinky and an expended cartridge. If a criminal manages to surprise an individual carrying a handgun (thanks to you informing the criminal excatly who is potentially carrying a firearm), the criminal has the upper hand. Surprise is an amazingly powerful tool in combat (as recognized by such great minds as Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu), and knowing who to attack (thanks to the information you provided criminals throughout Tennessee) is the first step in catching your target off guard and unprepared. And while the following hypothetical situation does not always end poorly for the law-abiding citizen, guess who tends to win when the criminal lands the first blow, courtesy of being able to surprise his target?
How Chris got to be an editor of a newspaper with such an appalling lack of morals and loose grasp of logic … well, actually, it does not surprise me at all. But it speaks volumes as to the quality of his newspaper.
As I said before, and will repeat now, I will take all of this information down as soon as the Commercial Appeal takes down its database of Tennessee handgun carry permit holders. Until they do that, all of this public knowledge will be retained here, in an easily searchable, easily viewable format, because the public has a “right to know” who, exactly, is violating their right to privacy, and who is aiding and abetting criminals. If the staff of the Commercial Appeal has any concerns about this information being posted, they are free to contact me at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”, and I will ignore them as thoroughly as they have been ignoring my emails.
In other news, if you compare the above list to the handgun carry permit holder database, you will come to one of two available conclusions: (1) that none of the staff of the Commercial Appeal possess handgun carry permits, or (b) they edited the database to keep their own information out.
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    Since it is becoming apparent that the staff of the Commercial Appeal does not care about the opinion of the public they are supposedly serving, it is time to take this one step farther – to the people who pay…

  • “I guess anyone who has the audacity to disagree with you is “uninformed”, huh? “
    Of course. We’re just uninformed bitter clingers, consumed by our fears. So saith the One, seconded by the Commercial Appeal.

  • That is pretty much what it boils down to, unfortunately… Little do they know how much they have gotten themselves into, though.

  • another attack on privacy

    It seems as though the Commercial Appeal just cannot stop rationalizing away their “logic” for posting the searchable database of handgun carry permit holders… methinks they dost protest too much. Oh well, it gives me blogfodder, and lets me flex…

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  • David Jones

    Not only did the Commercial Appeal grossly thumb their nose at the privacy of law abiding citizens! They still don’t have the honesty or bravery to share their true motivations for doing so. Now the Knoxville Sentinel, also a Scripps owned rag, has published a direct link to the Commercial Appeal’s
    searchable database!
    Here is one Peck’ism from last Sundays article where he gives his rationale for the database:
    “Business owners might use the list to create leads” Duh!
    I am writing State Representatives and I am boycotting key advertisers such as First Tennessee Bank.

  • I understand that the Knoxville News Sentinel has taken down the link – I could be wrong, though.
    In any case, the motivations for this database are relatively clear – it started as a byproduct of an article they were doing on felons accidentally being approved for permits by the state (8 out of over 15,000 – not a bad failure rate). Then, they forgot about it. Then someone noticed it, saw what it did, and understandably went ballistic. The reason the Commercial Appeal keeps it up now is because it has turned into a hot-button issue that has garnered them a great deal of attention and publicity, and there is no such thing as bad publicity.
    However, the two things you have done are the only sure-fire methods we have left of convincing them to take down the database – if it becomes illegal, or if it costs them money, we can be reasonably sure they will remove it. I have done the same, and thanks for doing so.

  • Every commie newswhore in the country should be listed. We’re probably going to need to know soon.
    Don’t understand? Start here:
    Then share and prepare.

  • While it would be easier to categorize all journalists the same, not all of them are nearly as dastardous as the ones at the Commercial Appeal. Furthermore, not all of them have put up databases concerning individuals who own and carry firearms.
    One target at a time, lest we become a little too overzealous and lose track of who our enemies are.

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