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As mentioned, my Knoxx/BlackHawk Recoil Reducing Adjustable Stock arrived today, and what better thing to do on a day when it is beautiful and snowing outside than go ahead and install it on my 870?
Knoxx/BlackHawk! sends along a rather comprehensive instruction manual, and I would strongly recommend that you take a look at it before embarking on any installation… but, by the same token, it lists some tools you supposedly need, and then never actually calls upon you to use them. *shrug* Here is what I found you need, though, for installing the 870 stock – a narrow Phillips-head screwdriver, a long flat-head screwdriver with a fairly wide tip, and the ball-headed hex screwdriver supplied by Knoxx in the packaging (do not lose this, it is on the back side of the package the stock comes in).
It should go without saying, but for the sake of clarity and completeness, please ensure the firearm is entirely unloaded and placed on “safe” before starting any work on it. In fact, remove any live ammunition from the immediate area, just to be safe. So, we start off with this:

Then go ahead and use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws holding on the rubber pad on the back of the 870’s stock, giving us this:

Break out your flat-head screwdriver, and attack the bolt that holds on the stock to the receiver. Once you get it out far enough, the bolt is actually knurled around its head, so you can use your hand, if you feel so inclined. With that removed, we have this:

… and this (assuming you have a side-saddle as well, and if you do not, you should):

Dig up that ball-headed hex screwdriver you did not throw out with the rest of the packaging, align the Knoxx stock with the back of your receiver, and carefully thread it on. Be sure not to cross-thread the stock and the receiver, and be sure to get it snug, but not overtightened. The end result is this:

So… where all the white zombies at…? (Bonus points to those who get the reference…)

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  1. Whoops! I meant to say benelli m4 as that is what they use in the game. That’s not to say yours isn’t delicious also.

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