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it goes boom

I know I said I would never do this, but these two videos deserve to be posted:

The first video shows US Citizen of Traction Control playing with his new toy, the Barrett M82A1, complete with the Barrett B.O.R.S. system, and the second shows Conservative UAW Guy doing the same. They are not terribly long, I admit, nor of tremendous quality, but they adequately show the recoil imparted by this beast of a rifle, as well as a short glimpse at the amazing muzzle blast rocketing out from either side of it.
Unfortunately, I have no video of me sitting down at the rifle, shooting something of its caliber for the first time in my life, and plugging the target dead-on – at 957 yards. One shot, one kill, first time for both. I can live with that.
Doubly unfortunately, I have been busy with my new job (yup, I am, once again, a working stiff), cleaning my firearms (being horribly out of practice == taking horribly too long), and organizing my “I am home from a trip” mess, so I have not had a chance to sift through any pictures or post a write-up yet. Give me a day or two.

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