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sanitary hardware

There certainly is something satisfying about cleaning firearms… Having it go from absolutely filthy black (and there is something about the Baby Eagle design that gets residue all over everything) to all shiny/matte and pretty is just… well… good. I dislike cleaning as a rule, but exceptions are made. Oh, and for those who are curious…
An overall view of a 9mm Luger Baby Eagle, as produced by Israeli Military Industries and imported by Magnum Research:

And an exploded view… or at least as exploded as it normally gets:

Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my closeup:

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8 comments to sanitary hardware

  • Beautiful, baby, beautiful. 😉

  • I am certainly no Oleg Volk, but I try :).

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  • Lysander

    I noticed that with my Baby Eagle, as well (though, I have the compact polymer frame).
    What do you do for holsters? I’ve ended up with a few HK USP holsters, but while “close enough” they’re not a perfect fit.

  • Honestly, I have never tried shopping for a holster for it. It seemed like it would serve for a service sidearm, but not a concealed item – hell, I think even 1911’s are thinner :).
    Given that they are the IDF sidearms, you might try looking over there for a holster, though it certainly would not be concealed.

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