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i find your faith … disturbing

Please excuse the mutiliation of the quote – it makes sense later on. As my long-time readers are probably aware, this weblog is being hosted on Dreamhost machines. Despite an inordinate amount of negative reviews, complaints about downtime, and gripes about customer service, I have never really had any problems or issues with this company from the get-go, over a year and a half ago.
Unfortunately, I have a problem with them now: the company has bought into the “carbon creditscam. As a comment on their weblog post notifying us, their users, of this move indicates, they did this by cutting profits to the employees (the company is employee-owned), rather than raising prices. Ok, fine, I can live with that – if they want to take the money out of their own pockets and throw it into some pointless, and repeatedly disproven, scam, they are more than welcome to.
It certainly does not make their actions any less disappointing, or the scam any less of a scam. Their money could have been better spent on investing in alternate power sources for their homes, cars, or business (solar, wind, hybrid vehicles, a gerbil in a goddamned wheel, whatever)… Hell, it probably could have been better spent converting it all into $1 bills, shredding it, and using it as fertilizer. But being proud that their company is now “green” – as if buying indulgences… er… sorry, “carbon credits” could actually achieve that – is about as smart as being proud of just having bet on the one horse in the race with four broken legs. Having faith in a system is all good and well, but when that system has been disproven, invalidated, and discredited… well that is just stupid.
Of course, telling people that they are are only taking a chunk out of their profits, and not affecting their services, is kind of a misleading statement as well… For a while now, Dreamhost has been offering less and less online space and bandwidth for the same price – I would proffer a link, but I cannot seem to find it at the moment. Regardless, every week or so the initial offering of space for your sign-up price goes down, and it keeps going down, so if you are going to sign up with them, do it quickly. You keep gaining space with them for every week you are hosted there, but the starting point just keeps dropping… As such, from the other perspective, their profit margin per gigabyte hosted/transmitted goes up every week. Funny how that works…
So what am I going to do about this disappointment? Honestly? Probably nothing. I am paid up through next January, and will probably renew my contract when it comes due – as I said, they are a reasonable hoster, give me more space and bandwidth than I could ever actually use, and I have never had cause to complain. But that does not change the fact that they are all bandwagoning, trend-happy morons.

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